Those Left Behind
Logo by Mahamari

Run by: JesseLman

Intro 1: You Can Lead a Horus To Water...
Intro 2: "I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC."
Intro 3: "What was WRONG with that guy?" "Lupus?" "It's never lupus."
Intro 4: Christian Gets Thrown To The Lion
Intro 5: "D'oh!" "A Deer!" "A Female Deer!"

Session 1: Night At The Round Table
     Session 1.1: Holodick
     Session 1.2: Up Late, Just Shootin' The Breeze
Session 2: "Defeating Romans? What GALL!"
Session 3: Hustle and 'fro
Session 4: "This Penthouse Ain't Big Enough For The Ten of Us..."
     Session 4.1: What Is This, Some Kinda Joke?
     Session 4.2: Your Horuscope Contains Useful Dating Advice
     Session 4.3: Doggie Hauser, MD
Session 5: "Assault on SPLEE-NY, Part 1: Mono a Mono
Session 6: "Assault on SPLEE-NY, Part 2: The League of Guys (And Girl) What Got Whomped By Heroes Again
     Session 6.1: Staring At The Sun
     Session 6.2: "Superheroes: They're Just Like Us!"
     Session 6.3: The Jung And The Restless
     Session 6.4: You and Me and Host Makes Three
     Session 6.5: Onward, Christian Sailors!
Session 7: The 36th Chamber of Potts-Chambers
Session 8: The Right To Bear Arms
     Session 8.1: Smoke Break, Just In The Nicotine
     Session 8.2: Shooting the Shinto
     Session 8.3: Is That An Ancient Egyptian Obelisk, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?
Session 9: Dreams: Past, Present, and Future, Part 1: Death of a Dream
     Session 9.1: Floating On The Wind, Gust Because You Can
     Session 9.2: What's The Plural of "Horus"?
Session 10: Dreams: Past, Present, and Future, Part 2: For Want Of A Horus, The NYT Was Lost
     Session 10.1: Partners In Crime JUSTICE!
Session 11: Dreams: Past, Present, and Future, Part 3: The Kids Aren't Alright
Session 12: Dreams: Past, Present, and Future, Part 4: She Left Behind Last Stand Beyond The Wall
     Session 12.1: Friends Made, Friends Lost & Friends Yet
     Session 12.2: I Touch The Big Shiny Gem On The Pedestal!
Session 13: Last Calls & First Impressions
     Session 13.1: Disciple Of The World's Greatest Investigator
Session 14: Dinner At Tiffany's
Session 15: Advanced Seminars In Hostage Negotiation
Session 16: HEY ABBOTT ABBY!
     Session 16.1: Beware of Greeks Gifting Beers
     Session 16.2: More Than A Little Sunlight Between Them
     Session 16.3: Bringing Up Abby
     Session 16.4: A Glow About Them
Session 17: Slaves To Fashion Who's Bad?
Session 18: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Session 19: Tim Gunn's Guide To Beatdowns Neutrals Are In This Fall
Session 20: YOU LIE!
Session 21: Cinco de Mayor
Session 22: Strange Bedfellows Atop City Hall
     Session 22.1: Ebony, Ivory, Working In Harmony o/~
     Session 22.2: When All The Knights Are Gone, What Remains But Soldiers?
     Session 22.3: Who Are You, Beneath That Mask You Wear?
     Session 22.4: Of Might And Men
     Session 22.5: Kama Chameleon
Session 23: Full Court Press Ink By The Barrel
Session 24: Out to Lucha
Session 25: In The Heights
Session 26: Defying Gravity Pianos & Stairwells & Bears, Oh My! Everyday Atlas Brick & Mortal Please Observe The No Smoking Sign
     Session 26.1: Where'dja Get That Wedjat?
     Session 26.2: Cheryl and Cheryl-like
     Session 26.3: Walk Like An Egyptian o/~
Session 27: Unspeakable Crimes Against Nature. And Some Dead Bodies.
     Session 27.1: Bitches and Hose
     Session 27.2: Sunny and Cheryl
Session 28: Intermission Impossible Effective Methods of Encouragement
Session 29: Unkosher Theater The Best Seats In The House Bella! Bravissimo!
Session 30: In Defense of the Indefensible Method Man & Redcoat (feat. Abby)
Session 31: Curtains for Closing Night o/~ ... Except The Feeling That This Bullshit Was Absurd.o/~
     Session 31.1: Understaffed
     Session 31.2: Mo' Mummy, Mo' Problems
Session 32: Organized Crime
Session 33: The Dewey Decibal System A Note in the Flat
Session 35: Organ Grinders
     Session 35.1: Heavenly Bodies
Session 36: Just Another Case of The Man Keeping Us Down
Session 37: Close My Eyes And Leap
Session 38: Myth Busters Damn The Man! Fight The Power!
Session 39: Punching Above Your Weight Class The Fast And The Mildly Annoyed
Session 40: Hope Springs Eternal
     Session 40.1: Show A Little Skin, Get A Little Sun
     Session 40.2: TBD
Session 41: Usurpers of the Throne
Session 42: TBD
Session 43: TBD
Session 44: TBD
     Session 44.1: TBD
     Session 44.2: TBD
Session 45: TBD Pique-A-Boo
     Session 45.1: TBD
     Session 45.2: TBD
Session 46: TBD
Session 47: Behind the Door What Must Be Known I Am Your Father Sibling Horussment Harlow'd Out Inside What A Girl Woman Redcoat Wants
Session 48: TBD
Session 49: TBD
     Session 49.1: TBD
     Session 49.2: TBD
Session 50: TBD
     Session 50.1: TBD
Session 51: TBD
Session 52: TBD
Session 53: TBD
Session 54: Oh Yes It's Lady's Night (Oh What A Night!)
Session 55: Manic At The Disco
Session 56: TBD
     Session 56.1: TBD
Session 57: TBD
Session 58: TBD
Session 59: TBD Guess Who's Kami To Dinner Prayer Bear Stare I Know Horus Fist Inspiration, Like a Bolt of Lightning
Session 60: TBD
Session 61: TBD
Session 62: TBD
Session 63: TBD
Session 64: Force of Habit
Session 65: Obtuse Angel
Session 66: Acts of War
Session 67: Coat Revoir
Session 68: The Final Throwdown, Part I
Session 69: The Final Throwdown, Part II
Session 70: The Final Throwdown, Part III
     Session 70.1: The Antechamber of Wu-Tang
Session 71: Let's Keep It Brief
Session 72: Tanto, Jump On It!

Characters and Players
Horus, played by Ardweden
Christian Stryder (Shockwave), played by Rowyn
The Redcoat, played by Sharyna
Abby, played by Mechalink
Jacqueline Hyde, played by Vellius
Mizuki, played by Mechalink

Main theme - "Young" by Hollywood Undead
Battle theme - "Revelations" by Dragonforce
Ending Theme - "Tightrope" by Papa Roach

Horus's Theme - "Everyday" by Bon Jovi
Christian's Theme - "Unbreakable" by Bon Jovi
The Redcoat's Theme - "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi
Abby's Theme- "Something to Believe In" by Bon Jovi
Jacqueline Hyde's Theme - "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley
Mizuki's Theme - "Everybody's Broken" by Bon Jovi


Artwork & Miscellany
Full Size Title Image, by Mahamari
Christian and Horus, by BMAN
Not Quite Dead from "Twlight: The Musical" (WARNING: MEDIOCRE SINGING)

Other Stuff
Initial Background Info
Supplimentary Background Info & Dramatis Personae
Custom Rules (Updated 6/30/10)